Woe is me Wednesday

Really didn’t want this to turn into a “woe is me” blog but you know those days when everything is just too much? Burning the candle at both ends and getting nothing out of it? That isn’t even necessarily true, all the hard work I’m putting into everything in my life is good for me and is going to get me where I want to be but short term I just feel exhausted and overwhelmed. 

It doesn’t help either when you have that one person in your life who likes to bring up shitty things from the past that you’d happily brushed under the carpet thinking you’d finally got over. I don’t understand people who encourage you to move onto bigger and better things in life than pointless people and situations, but then they turn out to be the only thing linking you to that very thing that makes you feel like a pile of crap.

I don’t know, guys. Sometimes even after something shit has happened and you have learned the lesson from it, it will still suck to look back on it. Just have to keep moving forward I suppose, no point looking back if you aren’t going that way 🙂

I’m not half as bad as what you’ve been told,


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