Introducing Beauty Rant

“I would write a big paragraph explaining why I haven’t continued writing in here since I loved it so much before but I wouldn’t know what to say. Life is weird and I find it hard to commit to anything, even when it’s something I enjoy! I’ve always loved writing and although academically it was not something I thrived in, its always been a way to express myself and remember the little moment’s in life I’d otherwise forget. I continue to write in my own personal diary when I can,  it keeps me grounded and it’s nice to think that one day I could be reading about how 20 year old Lauren was feeling about her latest work drama or how she felt when she first realised she loved him. Things have changed and I don’t want to pretend that they haven’t.”
That was me, 5 months ago, vowing to make a proper attempt at this whole blogging thing. Yeah…it’s gone as well as expected! I’ve overhauled my blog and moved to a proper domain (get me!) – so here we are!
Beauty Rant is going to be all things beauty; the good, the bad and the ugly…stay tuned!

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