YouTube Beauty Gurus You Need To Watch Right Now

My journey entering beauty and makeup was a rocky one – YouTube was a bit after my time so with no one there to guide you on make-up hell no’s and girl what are you thinking’s, up until the age of 16 my makeup was…interesting. Armed with my handy dandy £1 eyeliner the world was my oyster, unfortunately the world didn’t want me looking like that…

It was when I finished secondary school and entered the world of college that I gradually developed a huge love for YouTube. At first I was obsessed with watching vloggers just do vlogger things…buying groceries and eating at Wagamama’s (why do we enjoy watching this shit?) but then I gradually started watching tutorials and beauty hauls which only unleashed the makeup lover in me further. Although my budget for makeup in my dismal college bank account was lacking, never underestimate a woman’s ability to find a sale!

I started off like most people, watching the big beauty gurus such as Zoella and Tanya Burr. Little did I know that there was a huge beauty pool just waiting for me to dive into…

Here are my current favourite YouTube beauty gurus that I highly recommend you watch!

Thrift Thick

I’ve been subscribed to Thrift Thick for a little over 6 months now and I am OBSESSED with her videos. Literally, obsessed. My entire Watch Later playlist is all of her old videos so I have something to watch whilst waiting for a new video…obsessed. Her honest reviews and sassy personality really make you feel like you’re just sat listening to a friend, perfect for after a long day at work when a little positivity wouldn’t go a miss. She currently has 200,000 subscribers but she deserves so much more purely because of how real she is, it would amaze me if her channel doesn’t blow up in 2017. As a matte liquid lipstick and foundation junkie like me, I can and do watch her all damn day!


My favourite kind of YouTube video is any foundation review and demo video, which is why Thataylaa is a YouTuber I watch on a daily basis. Taylor is extremely fair skinned and most of her videos consist of her trying out different drug store and high end foundations so that other fair skinned people know which foundations will match their skin tones and will cover any acne or skin problems. She is now on her second #15DaysOfFoundation series where she reviews a new foundation every day for 15 days as the first series was so successful! Taylor reminds me of that ‘too cool to care’ girl at school who you wanted to be like and hang around with because she seemed so laid back. I watch every single video of hers and love following her eyeshadow tutorials to create my own grungy eye looks – with almost 200,000 subscribers I’m clearly not the only one loving her videos!

Laura Lee

One of my most recent discoveries is the hilarious YouTube channel of Laura Lee. Whether it be a tutorial, first impression on drug store and high end products or a haul video I’m always left feeling more positive after watching her because she’s so hilarious! I find a lot of other beauty gurus stick to the same type of videos and play it safe, I love how Laura offers a wide variety of different videos to appeal to multiple different audiences. With almost 2 million subscribers I’m surprised I never stumbled across her channel sooner! I love her combination of sparkly glam and sultry matte looks. On a side note, her and her husbands relationship is so #relationshipgoals!


Last but definitely not least is Tati. I can literally spend hours going through her 900+ videos and love every single video, plus she’s stunning and I am super envious of how beautiful she is! With 2.3 million subscribers Tati is authoritative in the beauty community and I myself definitely trust her advice and opinions on products more than other beauty gurus. If you’re looking for a channel with professional honest advice by someone you can watch in awe then I’d definitely give Tati a watch. Her success has blown up so big that she’s actually just launched her own beauty range! Watch her try out the expensive products that you just can’t justify the spend or watch her try out the products you love, there’s definitely something for everyone.

What are your favourite YouTube beauty gurus/bloggers? Let me know in the comments below!


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