Milani Christmas Wish List

Christmas is on the horizon and I am hella excited, I can’t wait to start turning our flat into a grotto!

(Much to my boyfriend’s dismay – are all men grinches???)


Anyway! With Christmas comes those 2-3 awkward months beforehand where you can’t buy yourself anything in case someone’s gifted it you for Christmas so by this point I’m having mad cravings for a beauty splurge. A few months ago, through YouTube I think, I discovered the brand Milani and fell in love. Not only do their products look amazing but they’re also really budget friendly so I’ve quickly compiled a wishlist of some of the products I’d love to try!


If there’s one makeup item that I am OBSESSED with, it has to be liquid to matte lipsticks. When I saw that Milani had launched a line of matte lipsticks I automatically wanted to add them all to my basket! The shade range appears to be very versatile varying from some pretty pinky nudes to some deeper colours which I love. You can find the lipsticks here and from left to right the colours are: Adorable, Loved, Gorgeous, Sugar, Amore & Allure.


I know, I know…who needs four lip treatments? Me.

These have intrigued me and I can’t wait to get my hands on them to see if there is any real differences between each treatment. There are actually 8 different treatments but these are the flavours I think I’ll like best. As winter is in full swing here in the UK my lips are feeling worse for wear and could do with some pampering, I’ll definitely do a review when I get my hands on these!


Look at those warm tones. Omg.

These eyeshadows have intrigued me as they’re meant to be gel but don’t come in typical gel product packaging, I can imagine them being really creamy but not technically ‘gel’. The first product in the image above is actually a foil eyeliner in the shade Brown although to me it looks like a purple/copper colour which is perfect for Autumn and Winter. The brush that comes with it looks a bit…meh, but who actually uses brushes that come with products anyway? (Okay so maybe the brush in my Naked 3 palette is my favourite for packing on eyeshadow right now but not my point…)


The product I’m most excited about trying is the Milani Conceal and Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer. I’ve seen quite a few reviews on YouTube of this foundation and whilst beauty gurus seem torn on this foundation, the coverage looks amazing and for Β£9.99 I can’t resist giving this a go! As Milani isn’t in stores in the UK currently (from what I’m aware) it’s going to be hard to pick the right shade; I usually go for the lightest shade in foundation shade ranges but Creamy Vanilla looks far too fair for me – decisions!!

berry-amore luminoso

I’m probably the only person in the beauty community who can’t stand blush; why would I spend so much money on foundation and concealer to cover redness only to add redness back to my face? This is definitely a product that has never spoken to my before, until perhaps now. These baked blushes look stunning, why is something I never imagined myself saying. I’d love to branch out of my makeup comfort zones so why not give blush a try, especially as these blushes look more like subtle highlighters to me. The first shade is Bella Amore and the second is Luminoso – Luminoso was popular as a highlighter back before highlighter was a thing so I’m interested in seeing what looks I can achieve with these blushes, and whether I’ll find a love for blush after all.


As I’ve mentioned time and time again already on the this blog, I love liquid to matte lipsticks and if it wasn’t for boring adult things such as bills I’d be spending a whole lot more on them! Despite this, I’ve seen a lot of metallic lip cremes come out over the last 6 months and I just haven’t seen the appeal – is it just me? I feel that you have to be a whole lot cooler than I am to pull off a metallic lip! However when I saw the shade Mattely In Love in Milani’s Mattallics Lip Creme collection I decided that f*ck it, I’m damn cool(ish) and will wear what I want. Whilst this isn’t on the top of my Christmas list, it’s definitely something I want to try out to see how wearable a metallic lip can actually be.

Have you tried any Milani products and if so, what was your experience like? If not, which product excites you the most? Let me know in the comment section below! 


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