Christmas Beauty Deals You Don’t Want To Miss!

This year I have totally upped my game when it comes to buying Christmas presents and as of the beginning of December I was pretty much done! Despite this, all the great gifts I’ve purchased have been sat on my bedroom floor for the past few weeks waiting to be wrapped – why is wrapping presents so tedious? Although I’ve really enjoyed Christmas shopping this year and have really got into the research behind buying the perfect present for my loved one, I have a boyfriend to buy presents for this year which is 10 times as hard as I imagined – why are men so difficult? Life would be a lot easier if they were happy with a Jeffree Star lipstick and Morphe palette!

This year I managed to not buy anything on Black Friday or Cyber Monday (it must be a Christmas miracle) and there is a good reason for that. Christmas is a real first world struggle for me because I’m quite selfish. Yep, I said it – I’m a selfish buyer, and you probably are too! The months up to Christmas are a constant battle between shopping for your friends and keeping their gifts for yourself, so this is why I avoided the sales like the plague!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are overrated, the sales aren’t that great and as you get closer to Christmas there are even better deals available that are more worth your money.

Struggling for gift ideas for the beauty lover in your life? Keep reading to find the perfect gift at a great price!


Zoella Spa In A Jar – £10.00 at Superdrug here

The Zoella Spa In A Jar gift set is such a cute gift idea! Containing a shower gel, body cream and muslin cloth this little set in the perfect addition to any pamper evening, and perfect for this time of year with the festive scents. The spa in a jar concept in genius and would be a fun DIY to create yourself with all your friend’s favourite products!


Liz Earle The Botanists Cabinet – £30.00 at Boots here

For the more high end friend, why not treat them to this gorgeous beauty set from Liz Earle? Currently £30 down from £60 at Boots, this skincare set would be a great luxury gift to receive and would encourage your friend to invest time in their skincare routine during the miserable winter months!


Seventeen My Photo Eye Palette – £16.00 at Boots here

No matter what the occasion, everyone loves a personalised gift – which is why this Seventeen eye shadow palette is a perfect stocking filler. For £16.00 you can customise your friend’s palette with pictures of themselves or pictures of you together, combining their love of makeup with their happiest memories. Whilst this would be a lovely gift to receive, I do wish you could personalise the colours in the palette so that the eye shadow palette is truly unique to the shades they like wearing!


Freedom Pro Artist Magnetic Empty Palette – £5.00 at Superdrug here

It’s very rare that you find a palette where you can honestly look at all the colours and know that you’re going to use them all; I always find palettes have that one stray blue or neon shade that I know will go unused. This empty palette from Freedom allows you to build your friend their very own personalised palette; combine eye shadows, contours, blushes and highlighters to form the ultimate go-to palette. Each individual pan to go in the palette varies between £2-4 which is a bargain!


Burt’s Bees Wild for Bees Gift Set – £8.00 on Amazon UK here

I’ve yet to find a lip balm as hydrating and inexpensive as the Burt’s Bees lip balms so this is a lovely little set for the lipstick lover who likes to keep their lips hydrated! For £8.00 you get 2 lip balms, one hand salve and a wild flower mix seed packet – not to mention the gorgeous jar it comes in that is practically begging to become a candle holder!

Let me know in the comments what you’re hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year!


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