MILANI Matte Lip Creme Review & Swatches

I was an especially lucky lady this Christmas when, after reading my blog post on all the Milani bits I wanted to try, my boyfriend bought me a huge selection of Milani products from Beauty Bay! As you guys know from my Milani Wish List post, one of the products I was most excited to try out was the Milani Matte Lip Cremes and I’m super excited to review and swatch 6 of the Matte Cremes and one of the Mattallics Lip Cremes for you today!

milani lip creme swatches

From left to right the shades are:

  • 10 Adorable
  • 12 Loved
  • 15 Gorgeous
  • 20 Sugar
  • 22 Amore
  • 25 Allure
  • 06 Mattely In Love (Mattallics)

So far I’ve been extremely impressed with the formula of these products although the ‘mattalic’ lip creme is a lot more drying than the matte lip creme formulation, which I’ve found is a common factor with most metallic lip products!

Surprisingly, the formulation is advertised as a lip cream but the product is very thin and wet so when I first applied Mattely In Love it almost dripped off my lips completely. The Matte lip cremes are a lot thicker though but I definitely recommend wiping some of the product on the inside of the tube so you have more control of how much product you are applying.

The lip cremes have that sweet cupcake smell that occurs in other liquid lipsticks such as products by Tanya Burr and NYX but I find it a lot more subtle which I love. The best thing about this product is that it wears off nicely, some lipsticks wear off patchy but these gradually fade leaving an almost stained look behind which is perfect for days when you don’t have time to touch up!

My favourite two shades are Loved and Allure as they are extremely wearable and definitely the sort of shades I usually gravitate towards. I’ve so far tried all of the shades other than Sugar, I’m waiting for an especially vampy eye makeup look before I attempt to rock this colour!

Which shade is your favourite? 🙂


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