Review: NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows & NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tints

It was my sister’s birthday a few weeks ago so we did what we do best – shop! We headed into town and I, of course, found myself in Boots. Here in the UK they are gradually rolling out NYX products into selected Boots stores so when I saw that they had a great variety of NYX cosmetics products, I knew I had to grab some goodies.

The only NYX products I’d tried before now is the matte lip cremes and butter glosses so all the products I purchased were new to me and although there’s so much hype around NYX, I don’t find the matte lip cremes that good personally so was a bit dubious. I did see some of the new liquid suede lipsticks which I regret not buying now because the shades are stunning!

NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows

nyx eyeshadow review

When it comes to eyeshadows, I’m a palette kinda girl – it’s far more convenient to have multiple shadows in one palette that having lots of single eyeshadows loose in your collection. Despite this, it’s hard to find a palette that has all the shades you’re looking for. I’ve been looking for some bold shimmer eyeshadows for a while and came across this beauties in Boots on a whim.

20170223_163026 20170223_163126

The prismatic eyeshadows are extremely buttery in texture and there is no kick back when putting your brush into the pan. They are extremely long wearing and excellent quality for the tiny price tag. They are currently £5.00 at Boots, buy yours here.

The first colour I bought is Girl Talk, a gorgeous icy colour with a subtle pink reflect. I love using this colour for the inner corners of my eyes or on the centre of the lid for an extra pop of colour, I’ve also been using it as a highlighter which is stunning!

The second shade is called Fireball, a vibrant red toned orange that will be perfect for summer. When I bought this I actually thought it would be the least used shade of the three but I’ve been loving wearing this all over the lid with a darker burnt orange shade in the crease for an extra sultry look.


Lastly, the final shade is called Punk Heart; a rich blue toned royal purple. Out of the three shades I think this is the most reflective, as you can see in the swatches it is very metallic and would be stunning for a sexy purple smokey eye with a matte black in the crease and Girl Talk in the inner corner.

NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tints

nyx lid lingerie

I’ve experimented with liquid eyeshadows before and have found them to be quite sticky and crease instantly but as NYX is such a highly praised brand I thought for £6.00 each in Boots I’d give their NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tints a shot.


I bought two different shades which I thought would be the most wearable me, the first being Rose Pearl and the second being Evening Spell. Rose Pearl is pretty much the exact same colour as the Girl Talk eyeshadow but in liquid form so I love packing the eyeshadow on top of this formula for an extra bold eye! Evening Spell is a gorgeous shimmery red toned burgundy shade which I love for using as a base for a dark red smokey eye. These eye tints can be worn underneath eyeshadows but the pigmentation is so intense you could definitely wear them alone.


These do dry down very quickly once you start disopating the product so excuse the dodgy blending! On the left is Evening Spell and on the right is Rose Pearl. With both of these shades I packed them on the lid then (poorly) blended them out with a fluffy crease brush.

My final thoughts on these products are that for the price they are such amazing quality and I’m definitely going to be buying more on the single eyeshadows as the pigment is incredible.

What are your favourite NYX products?


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