First Impressions: Calvin Klein CK One All Day Perfection Face Makeup

Today’s post is going to be my first impressions on the Calvin Klein CK One All Day Perfection Face Makeup. I’ve never heard anything about this foundation and was eager to try it out as I’ve never tried any beauty products from Calvin Klein before.

Before I get into my first impression of this product, let’s have a look at the claims:

  • High performance that provides ultimate wear, coverage and comfort
  • Colour and coverage stays true from day to night
  • 24 hour wear
  • Oil free, lightweight formula
  • Medium to full buildable coverage
  • Flawlessly soft and smooth velvet finish
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Skin is protected from future damage with SPF 20 and vitamin

The packaging itself is very sleek and follows Calvin Klein’s signature black and white theme however I find the foundation bottle unnecessarily heavy. The foundation comes in a glass bottle and contains 30ml of product however you can see from the image that all of the weight is from the large portion of bulk at the bottom of the bottle. This definitely wouldn’t be a foundation I would take with me if I was travelling as it’s very heavy and I would be in constant fear of it smashing! Despite the bottle being overly weighty, it has a pump which is always a plus with foundations; it’s a very controlled pump so you don’t end up pumping out too much product too.

The foundation itself has a very thin consistency but isn’t so thin that it runs down your hand so it hold its texture well and has a typical foundation smell which is a relief as I hate it when big brands decide to add rose scents to their products!

As the product is so thin I was expecting it to have a very low coverage however I was pleasantly surprised with the natural medium coverage I got with a brush. It applies nicely with a brush and it is easy to disperse the foundation across your face however the foundation says the best application is to apply lightly and evenly; I disagree with this because it can look very patchy if you apply it lightly! It is definitely buildable and I could have reached full coverage if I had wanted however I loved the natural finish one medium layer achieved.  It oxidises a little but only by a maximum of half a shade which for me personally was okay as Porcelain was a bit on the lighter side for me anyway.

The main thing I don’t like about this product is that it clings to any dry patches on your face and makes you look a little scaly. I end up having to go in with my clean beauty blender to make the foundation blend in some seamlessly. The claims that this foundation is suitable for all skin types is a little misleading, after 5 hours my tzone was looking quite greasy and foundation had gathered around my nose which I don’t find happens with my Rimmel or Milani foundation. However, for the purpose of testing out this foundation I only lightly set my face so I think if I had powdered how I normally would then this would have kept the oil at bay for much longer.

Overall I actually really like this foundation and the finish it gives!


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