My Favourite YouTube Guru – 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Hooray! You’ve made it to day 5 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge – you go Glenn Coco!

So…the thing is, my very first post when I revamped Beauty Rant was YouTube Beauty Gurus You Need To Watch Right Now. OOPS.

I could easily cop out and just link to that post and be like “Byeeee!” but I won’t because that is hella lazy SO what I’m gonna do is let you guys know what my current favourite YouTube guru is who wasn’t mentioned in that post.

My current favourite beauty guru/makeup artist is the one and only Jeffree Star!

There is so much controversy in the beauty community around Jeffree Star; I’ve heard so many gurus mention they love his products but don’t like Jeffree as a person. I don’t know or care about all the beef that has gone on over the years surrounding Jeffree but all I see is someone who is extremely successful, talented at makeup and makes videos with his unique look and humour to entertain his audience.

I love how Jeffree Star just does not give a shit and does what he does best, succeed! I’ve yet to try out any of Jeffree’s products but I’ve heard nothing but good things about his palettes and liquid lipstick formulas.

A short little post today guys but if you haven’t watched Jeffree on YouTube yet then I highly recommend you check him out, his tutorials are spot on and his humour will crack you up.

Come back tomorrow to find out what makeup products are my holy grails!


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