My Favourite Concealer – 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Day 7 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge is here – hooray!

We’re a week in and today’s post is going to be all about my favourite concealer.

I feel like concealer is one of them products that separates the beauty community; whether you like a fuller coverage or lighter coverage, you can never guarantee your friend is going to like the same concealer as you because everyone has such different skin and preferences.

Despite this, pretty much everyone I’ve ever heard talk about this concealer has LOVED it. Seriously.

Yep, the concealer in question is the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer for a tiny price tag of £4! I’ve bought so many tubes of this, I wouldn’t even be able to estimate a number. Whilst I do use other concealers to conceal blemishes, this is my go-to under the eye concealer due to the full coverage and brightness the formula gives.

This concealer is pretty much white in colour and is very thick for a ‘liquid’ concealer, which makes it perfect for highlighting the under eyes and adding dimension back into your face after you’ve applied foundation.

A little bit of product goes a long way which means a tube of this will last ages too, bonus!

I’d love to try the Tarte Shape Tape concealer as I’ve heard so much about it but it looks extremely thick and I’d be scared of completely over doing it and looking bizarre. Have you tried the Shape Tape concealer?

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