My Least Favourite Product – 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Day 10 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge is upon us and it’s all about my least favourite beauty product.

I did a post back in January on disappointing beauty products and since then I haven’t really come across any beauty products that I dislike, apart from this one palette.

In the new year David and I headed up town for a look in TK Maxx, as we always find some really great deals (makeup for me, shoes for him!). I went into full on splurge mode (as one does) and bought a sh*t tonne of makeup, including the W7 In The Night eye shadow palette.

I’d not explored W7 makeup before so was interested in seeing how the formulation worked out, especially as I think it was something ridiculous like £5! So off I trotted home which my bag of goodies to test out…

I’m a sucker for purple eye shadows. Not only do I think it looks good with my green eyes but as purple is my favourite colour, I feel the best version of myself when I’m in purple glam! Unfortunately the pigmentation of these shadows are practically non-existent; I used this palette once and never again. All the shades are incredibly chalky with chunky glitter that falls out onto your face as it’s hard to pick up a tiny amount of product.

The first two shades in the palette are quite nice colours for packing on the centre of your lid, but I personally don’t want a palette where I only like 10% of the shadows!

What are your experiences with this palette? If you haven’t tried this palette out, which palette has disappointed you? Leave them in the comments below to let other readers know which products to avoid!


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