My Eyebrow Routine – Before & After – 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Over the last few years eyebrows have blown up…literally! Be gone skinny eyebrows of the 90’s and behold envious Instagram brows.

I’ve been obsessed with my eyebrows since time began (me, over exaggerating? Never). Ever since I knew eyebrows were a ‘thing’ I was plucking and filling them in, trying to find the best shape for my face that would make my makeup look complete.

As with anything, my eyebrow journey was very trial and error but here we are almost a decade later and I’m still using the exact same eyebrow palette I was using from day 1! Is that gross? Probably.

I’ve experimented with it all over the years; gels, waxes, pencils, powders and I finally feel like I’ve perfected my brows. Today on Day 11 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge I’m going to show you guys what products I use on my brows and what the finished result looks like 🙂

But before we dive into how my brows look now, I thought I’d find a throw back to when I still had my 90’s sperm brows.

Before                                                           After

This photo was only from 3 years and I’m so shocked, and relieved, at how much my eyebrows have grown back and how different they look now. Looking at the two pictures you wouldn’t believe I’m using the same colour brow powder, the magic of using a light hand instead of laying it on like paint. So for any ladies out there who are looking for advice on how to get fuller brows, my advice is to just leave them the hell alone! Yes, your brows will look messy for a while but it’s worth it in the long run and during that time you can binge watch brow tutorial on YouTube to brush up on your skills.


I only use two products and one brush for my brows; you don’t need dozens of different gels and powders to achieve a long lasting fierce brow. Don’t be deceived by these big YouTubers using 101 things on their brows, you know for sure that on lazy Sunday’s they just add little bit of powder to their brows and head out of the door. The products I use on my brows:


  1. Apply base and powder to ensure the face is fully set. Once set, apply Benefit Gimme Brow all over brows pushing the hairs slightly upwards to create a defined arch.
  2. Leave Gimme Brow to set completely whilst finishing the rest of my makeup minus my brows.
  3. Once the Gimme Brow is set, gently comb through again with the spoolie on the end of the Moprhe M158 brush.
  4. Pick up a small amount of product on the brush and go underneath the brow; defining where you want the brow the start, how high or low you want the arch to be and how long/defined you want the tail of the brow to be
  5. Starting from the centre of the top of your brow with a small amount of product on your brush, slowly begin to define how high you want the arch of the brow to go and what shape you are going for. Create the tail of the brow and join the top line with the bottom line you created in the previous step.
  6. Now you have the tail outlined, fill the very end of the tail before the ark in as dark or light as you prefer and gradually move towards to beginning of the brow in small upwards brush strokes applying the product with a light hand. The very beginning of your brow should have the least amount of product and gradually get darker to create an ombre effect.
  7. Apply a second light coat of Gimme Brow to set them in place.

This post was a joy to write so let me know in the comments below any brow horror stories you have! 🙂

Psstt…come back tomorrow for a post on my favourite eyeshadow palette!


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