My Favourite Eyeshadow Palette – 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

Day 12 of 30 Days of Beauty Challenge is upon us and it’s a good’n!

Today’s post is all about my favourite eyeshadow palette. Besides lipsticks, eyeshadows are my second most purchased beauty product so when I started the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge I was looking through all of my palettes and had no idea which palette I’d define as my favourite – until now.

Last month I won a competition on a fellow beauty bloggers blog (hell yeah) which saw a little box of goodies heading my way. Little did I know that within this package would be my official favourite eyeshadow palette, for now at least!

The Makeup Revolution Love The Revolution palette is my current favourite eyeshadow palette.

The left side of the palette are all matte shades; the first shade is a cool toned brown which is the perfect crease colour, the second shade in a gorgeous vibrant red and the third shade is a yellow toned champagne colour.

In the middle you get the star of the show, a stunning silver toned highlighter. Although the Sleek Solstice Highlighter palette is my ride or die, this definitely comes in at a close second.

Lastly, on the right of the palette you three highly shimmery shades; the first shade is a dark chocolate brown, the second shade is a warm caramel and the third is a light rose shade. These shades are perfect for packing on the lid and are extremely wearable, you can use a light hand for a subtle look or pack the colour on for an intense smokey eye.

I love this eyeshadow palette and can’t wait to use the red shade more for spring and summer looks!

Check back tomorrow for my favourite skincare products and let me know in the comments below if you’re enjoy 30 Days of Beauty 🙂


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