Winged Eyeliner – 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

If there’s one thing that I’ve been doing since the dawn of time, it’s winged eyeliner. Granted my technique has definitely evolved since my panda eyes days, I’ve always loved the impact eyeliner can have on your makeup look!

Day 14 of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge is all about winger eyeliner so I thought I’d show you lovely ladies my two favourite eyeliners for the perfect wing 🙂

eyeliner for winged eyeliner

Out of the two products I gravitate towards the most for my winged eyeliner, this product is definitely my favourite and the product I’ve been using the longest. The L’Oreal Paris Superliner Eyeliner Ultra Precision is a liquid liner with an extremely black pay off which is incredibly easy to create a sharp wing. One of the best things about this liner is how long it lasts and how smudge-proof it is, it really will last all day.

Another product I like using for eyeliner when I’m not looking for a really bold wing is the Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen. Creating a fine line with the tip of the felt tip becomes second nature with this liner and whilst this eyeliner does drag a little when creating a wing, with a steady hand you can create a nice natural wing.

Come back tomorrow to find out what my favourite blush is 🙂


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