Makeup Collection – 30 Days of Beauty Challenge

They say all good things must come to an end, and the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge is no exception – today is the final day of the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge and I’m going to be showing you my makeup collection!

I’m no professional makeup artist and don’t have the largest collection of makeup in the world, but I love my little makeup area 🙂

On the left I have my eyeshadow palettes and the majority of my foundation collection as well as a Beauty Bay box that I use to store the latest products that I’m trying out.

Next to my palettes I have my eye makeup brushes, my favourite perfume, primer and setting spray – things I use on a daily basis.

The favourite part of my collection, my lipstick collection! I bought both of these acrylic lipstick storage containers from Amazon and already need another, I have a problem.

Moving over we have my face brushes as well as my everyday skincare including my favourite moisturiser and a toner I’ve been loving recently! In the pink and clear bag I have my entire skincare collection and on top of that in my Ted Baker bag I have the rest of my makeup collection that I don’t use regularly but keep because…makeup.

Next to my skincare I have a basket that contains all my spray products including deodorant and hair spray which I also use to store my favourite light up mirror and hairbrush.

To the far right I have jewellery and some bath bombs which I’m dying to try out! And lastly in the drawers on the right I have cotton wool balls for nail varnish removal, cotton wool pads for toner and lip scrubs.

Whilst I am sad that the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge is over, I have many exciting posts on the way so make sure you’re subscribed 🙂


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