L’Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Skin Care Range

For the last two months I’ve been testing out some new skincare products to review for you guys and I’ve been dying to give you guys the low down on some of the new(ish) L’Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Skin Care range!

I came across these products in Sainsbury’s (I can find an excuse to buy beauty products in literally any shop, including the grocery store!) and I am going to be brutally honest, I bought these products because they were pink. And cute as hell. And I’m bad with money.

If you want to hear my final thoughts on the Fine Flowers range then keep reading 🙂

L’Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Wipes

loreal fine flowers cleansing wipes review

I don’t use face wipes as often as I used to as I’ve found more effective methods of removing my makeup, however it’s always good to have some face wipes on hand for when your skin needs a bit of a refresh on a hot day or you’re wearing so much makeup that you need to remove the top layer before going in with a cleansing balm (we’ve all been there). Out of the three Fine Flowers products I purchased, these are the products that I’ve used the least because of this reason. However, as far as cleansing wipes go they remove your makeup nicely and leave your skin feeling really soft afterwards. I still prefer my Simple face wipes that are my go-to  because my skin always feel a lot cleaner after using them whereas with the L’Oreal wipes your skin feels a little greasy. If you have dry skin I think these will work better for you as they are very hydrating! I personally won’t be repurchasing these.

L’Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Gel-Cream Wash

loreal paris fine flowers fel cream wash review

Behold my new daily face wash! I love this product and have been using it every single day since purchasing, it really does make your skin feel super smooth which is perfect to prep your skin before applying your makeup. This is by far the biggest face wash I’ve ever seen, the bottle is huge – but I love that. I feel like this face wash will last me a long time as you only need the smallest amount (the size of a 20p coin) to lather your face and feel completely refreshed. Whilst the Fine Flowers range (especially the face wash) does have a slight chemical smell, the fresh flower smell is potent enough to cover it. It’s rare to find a good face wash that is alcohol free and I can honestly say my skin has been looking a lot more fresh and bright since using this daily, I highly recommend it to someone looking for a new daily face wash.

L’Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Toner

loreal paris fine flowers fel cream wash

Another huge product which oddly satisfies me is the Fine Flowers toner. I’ve used toner before but never felt like it made much difference to my skin so discontinued using it. I purchased this on a whim and I’m really glad that I did. I use this toner morning and night on a cotton pad and it has really made a difference to my skin. After using this regularly on an every day basis my pores appear a lot smaller and my skin just feels brand new!

If I could recommend one of these products to you it would definitely be the gel face wash, it works like a dream 🙂


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