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The Body Shop Spring Haul

In a few days my boyfriend and I will be heading off to sunny Spain for a week so last week I hopped onto The Body Shop website to purchase some spring lipstick shades…like I don’t already have an out of control lipstick collection. Whilst I was looking for some new liquid matte lipsticks I discovered some other products that caught my eye and saw the perfect opportunity for a haul!

The stars of the show are definitely The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid; I’ve tried these lipsticks out before and already have two shades in my collection which I use on a regular basis because the formula is amazing so I was excited to try out some new shades. Stepping out of my comfort zone and away from taupe shades for some bold summer lip looks, I picked up Sydney Amaryllis 014 which is a berry toned red and Cali Gerbera 010 which is a vibrant orange.

I’d promised myself that I’d use up my Clinique HydroBlur moisturiser before repurchasing this product but I couldn’t wait any longer! The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser is my holy grail favourite moisturiser, especially for summer when I want my skin to be more radiant so I’m super happy to have repurchased.

I’m extremely picky when it comes to deodorant; there’s nothing worse than an extremely sticky deodorant that sticks to your clothes and leaves white marks. My usual go-to roll on deodorant is the Mitchum Advanced Control in the lemon scent (it smells as good as you imagine it to!) but from the reviews I’ve read online, this The Body Shop Aloe Caring Roll-On Deodorant is meant to be fantastic and dries down very fast so I’m looking forward to trying this out.

The last product I purchased is The Body Shop Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution. This was definitely an impulse buy but is probably the product I’m most excited about trying out! This solution, when used in the morning and night on a regular basis, is meant to give you a clearer complexion and help remove any traces of old blemishes. I definitely find that on the occasion I get blemishes they last a long time and leave scars that never seem to go away, I’m looking forward to seeing if this product really will make a difference to my skin.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini The Body Shop haul and if you haven’t already make sure you head over to my previous post here and fill out my short beauty survey 🙂


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