A Week In Majorca

I’m back!

I’m sorry it’s been quiet here on Beauty Rant for the last two weeks, my boyfriend and I headed off to Majorca for a week to celebrate 1 year together so I decided to take a 2 week break and take a step back from my computer to get some head space.

We picked the perfect week to celebrate our anniversary; it was gorgeous and sunny the whole week, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Now that I’m back in the UK I thought I’d share a few snaps from our trip. We had a fairly laid back trip so don’t confuse this with a post from one of the travel bloggers who zip wire across the Amazon…cocktails by the pool is much more my thing!

I decided to get a fresh set of acrylics done for my holiday with shellac colour and I was super happy with the result!

One of my many cocktails during the trip was a Vanilla Angel from one of the bars on the beach, it was definitely as big as it looks (and as delicious!).

David and I found some rocks at the end of the beach to climb…I was wearing sandals; why are men always prepared for spontaneous adventures whilst I’m always prepared to get my toes cut off on sharp rocks???

If you’ve been around here long enough then you’ll know how real my watermelon obsession is (I have half a watermelon in my fridge now fyi).

I bought my very first floppy hat for the trip and now want to wear it 24/7 even though it’s raining!

I was so sad to say goodbye to Majorca and head back to Birmingham but it truly was the perfect place to spend our 1 year anniversary 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little speak peak into our getaway and if you have a trip coming up let me know in the comments where you’re going!


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