Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit Review & Swatches

Every makeup brand and their dog seem to have come out with a lip kit since the overwhelming success of Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. I personally have heard more bad things than good when it comes to Kylie’s products so wasn’t willing to spend the hefty price tag.

I came across the Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit’s in my local Superdrug for £6.00 each which is a great price for a liquid lipstick and a lip liner. They also have a metallic range and a glossy range but I’m definitely a matte girl at heart!

The shade range isn’t amazing so I purchased two that I thought would be the most wearable for me; Grandee and Reign.

I have to warn you all that if you are going to purchase these lip kits then have a look at the testers (if there are any available) because I assumed that the lipstick shade would be the same as the lips on the packaging, I was wrong!

The formula of the lipsticks have a whipped texture which makes them ultra pigmented and the lip liners have a wax like texture which I personally like as I find it increases the longevity of the lipstick.

I’m a little disappointed with Grandee as it’s very pink toned and I thought it would be more of a taupe colour as you can see from the box, but nonetheless it’s still a very gorgeous colour that I’m sure I will get a lot of wear out of this summer.

My favourite of the two is by far Reign. It’s the perfect nudey rose colour that is a my lips but better shade that goes with any eye look, perfect for when you’re feeling adventurous!

Overall for £6 a piece I think these are brilliant and last very well through eating and drinking too! If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Kylie Jenner lip kits, I’d give these a go.


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