Review: Maybelline Dream Cushion Liquid Foundation

In my most recent drugstore haul one of the products I was most excited about testing out was the Maybelline Dream Cushion Liquid Foundation. Ever since that haul I have been testing out this foundation to form a solid opinion on how I feel about this product, keep reading to find out whether this cushion foundation is Beauty Rant approved!

The Maybelline Dream Cushion Liquid Foundation retails for £13.99 but is currently on sale on Superdrug here for £9.99! For a drugstore foundation I think £13.99 is on the pricey side compared to Rimmel and L’Oreal foundations, especially as cushion foundations tend to contain a lot less product than standard liquid foundations.

The claims for this product according to the Superdrug website:

Flawless, fresh faced perfection! Experience our next generation cushion foundation. On-the-go cushion compact allows you to refresh your look throughout the day with effortless medium coverage in a convenient compact.

My main worry when purchasing this foundation was the shade range. Maybelline are known for their poor shade but I am incredibly impressed with the shade match. I purchased the lightest shade, 01 Natural Ivory, and it is probably the best shade match I’ve ever found at the drugstore for my skin tone. It isn’t too pink or too yellow, as the name suggests it’s the perfect natural neutral shade.

As do all cushion foundations, this product did come with the little sponge applicator but I haven’t and probably won’t ever use this to apply the foundation as I think it’s unhygienic and will make the application process more difficult than is needed.

My favourite way to apply this foundation is with my E.L.F. Ultimate Blending Brush. The formula is very wet so I simply tap my brush into the product and build up the product/coverage as I go, you definitely don’t want to saturate your brush as it will get very streaky. I wouldn’t recommend using a beauty sponge for this foundation as it is a liquid foundation so a lot of the product will get absorbed, it will perform a lot better with a dense foundation brush.

As it claims the foundation does give you a medium coverage, probably a light-medium coverage as you can still see freckles and scars through the foundation but I love the natural finish it gives.


The foundation applies easily to the skin but does start to dry down very quickly so you have to work fast when blending this out. Here is the foundation without any setting powder:

As you can see without any setting powder the foundation is very matte but still gives a really natural finish, perfect for days when you don’t want to wear full glam but also don’t want to look like a homeless person.

Here is the foundation after I’d completed all my makeup:

As you can see the product hasn’t oxidised and my skin looks really smooth and blurred which is my favourite thing about this foundation. Products blend extremely easily on top of it and it doesn’t look a tacky feeling behind, once it’s dried down it’s not going anywhere!

Within the first 2-3 this foundation is very good at controlling your oils and keeping your face looking matte, but after the 4 hour mark my skin started to feel greasy. Here is the foundation after 5 hours:

It’s pretty clear that my t-zone had become very oily and the foundation on my nose had completed disappeared. I heavily powder my face because that’s how I like to do my makeup so the fact I still got this oily despite the foundation being mattifying as well as having being set is disappointing.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really like this product and the natural finish I can achieve with minimal effort. I am going to continue to play around with this foundation to see if I can make it work better with my oils but I think if you don’t have oily or combination skin I’d definitely give this foundation a go, especially now that it’s on offer!


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