The Best Multi-Purpose Makeup Brush For £7.99?!

Is your makeup brush collection getting a little out of hand? Or are you new to makeup and don’t want to have to invest in a full makeup brush set? This handy little makeup brush is the perfect multi-purpose makeup brush that I’ve found, for the amazing price of £7.99!

The Real Techniques Setting Brush is one of many amazing brushes from Real Techniques but can be used for so many different makeup application techniques I just had to share it with you all so that you don’t feel like you need 40+ brushes to achieve a flawless finish.


I love using this brush for a blinding highlight as it packs on the product beautifully as it is very easy to control. The best thing about using this brush for highlighter is that it doesn’t pick up too much product; you can easily build the product up from a natural glow to a blinding glow in seconds!

Blending Concealer

Using a beauty blender to blend out your under eye concealer is a popular technique right now, but beauty sponges tend to soak up product and take away the coverage. Concealer blends seamlessly into the skin with this brush which makes it perfect for under-eye concealing, cream highlighter and blemish control.


The tapered shape of the bristles makes it a dream to define your cheekbones with your chosen contour shade. I love using this brush for contour when I want an extremely define cheekbone then I blend it out with a slightly fluffier brush for a diffused look.

Setting Eyeshadow Primer

Set your eyeshadow primer into place in seconds whilst you’re setting your undereye concealer, there’s no need for two brushes!

What is your favourite multi-purpose brush? 🙂


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