Boots Haul

Today’s post is a haul of products I definitely did not intend to purchase on my most recent trip to Boots!

It’s physically impossible for me to go into somewhere like Boots or Superdrug and come out with one item, it’s a disease. I went in to get a shower gel and came out with all this lot, and forgot the shower gel…if that doesn’t sum up my week, I don’t know what does.


I’ve been looking for a new liquid liner for a while as my holy grail has started to run out so took a chance and purchased the Master Ink liner from Maybelline. It has quite good reviews online so I’m excited to give this a try as the tip is so precise which is perfect for a defined wing!

Ever since these L’Oreal Infallible Eye Paints first launched I have been dying to purchase the vibrant orange shade. I’ve been loving liquid eyeshadows lately as they’re so simple and can completely transform your look with one swipe so had to grab these! I’ll be doing a dedicated review with swatches very soon but the shades I purchased are Champagne and Sunset Goals.


Out of all the Rimmel foundations, the one that I’ve heard the most positive things about lately is definitely the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation so as my tried and true Lasting Perfection foundation is running out I picked this up as a replacement. The one thing I noticed in Boots is that there is a Porcelain shade for the Match Perfection foundation but not for the Lasting Perfection which is bizarre. The Porcelain shade looked very light and yellow toned unfortunately so I picked up my usual Ivory shade which is quite a good match.

I’m not going to lie, I purchased this Bourjois concealer because the packaging is gorgeous. I’m bored of using my usual Collection Lasting Perfection concealer so have been looking for something new to try. I’ve tried foundations and concealers from Bourjois prior to this purchase and find they have a stunning finish but not a lot of coverage so I was excited to see this is advertised as a full coverage concealer! It’s a stick concealer similar to a lipstick which I usually avoid but after a few uses I can tell I already really like this concealer.


I’ve heard a lot of American Youtubers talking about the L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paints so wanted to see for myself how they perform unfortunately I picked up the Lacquer formula rather than the Matte formula whilst trying to find one that hadn’t been tested out in Boots. I’ve worn this twice now and it is extremely pigmented but as lacquers generally perform, it doesn’t last very well.

What have you bought lately that you’re loving? Let me know in the comments 🙂


5 thoughts on “Boots Haul

  1. They eyeliner is great, i’ve been using it the past couple of months and its been so good. It hasn’t smudged when I’ve worn it but wipes of easily. The only issue I’ve had is there doesnt seem to be a lot in there! The foundation is good too, I actually have the porcelain shade and it looks a lot better out of the bottle than in (although still not light enough for my skin!) Great post! x

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    1. I’ve been trying out the eyeliner and I agree so far it’s performing well! Just seems to fade a little throughout the day which I can live with considering how cheap it is. Damn now I wish I’d bought the porcelain haha! Thanks 😘 x

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