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L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Face Mask Review

There’s nothing better for your skin or to help you relax than a good face mask. I recently reviewed the extremely popular Clay Detox Mask by L’Oreal Paris and was extremely curious to try out the other face masks in the clay range.

I typically have combination skin but recently it has become more oily which has led to quite a few breakouts so when L’Oreal added the Blemish Rescue Face Mask to the collection I snapped it up! Boots and Superdrug often have these face masks on sale for £5.99 which is a great deal hard to resist (and if you have any points you’ve been saving on your advantage cards, what a better way to spend them than on some great skincare!)

The claims for the Blemish Rescue Face Mask:

Features a powerful blend of 3 Pure Clays combined with Marine Algae Extract.

Ideal for spots / blemish prone skin.

Unclogs blackheads and leaves the skin pure and fresh without drying it out.

L’Oréal Paris Laboratories have selected three Pure Clays and combined them with Marine Algae extract, known for its anti-blemish properties. The creamy texture targets deep into the pores, to unclog blackheads and clear imperfections, leaving the skin pure and fresh without drying it out.

Yikes, I apologise for the awful photo – typical me forgot to take any blog worthy photos so you’ll have to settle with this selfie I sent to my mom haha!

Compared to the detox mask this face mask is far more hydrating and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry afterwards. After leaving the face mask on for the recommend 10-15 minutes and washing off with a damp wash cloth, this leaves my skin super soft and feeling really fresh. The pores on my nose look significantly smaller and my skin texture is evened out massively, perfect for before applying makeup for a flawless finish.

The only downside to this face mask is that the first time I used it it broke me out but that is common with these types of products as they draw all the badness out of your skin.

After using this more frequently my skin is used to the effects and I have definitely seen a difference in not only how it dries out blemishes in order for them to heal but also preventing breakouts.

For £7.99, or £5.99 on offer, I highly recommend you check out the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Face Mask and the other clay masks in the range as I think they are such good quality for the price.


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