Colourless Hair Colour Remover – Does it Work?

You may remember one of my recent posts where I dyed my hair purple for my 22nd Birthday…

Well – I hated it.

I used to dye my hair vibrant colours all the time as a teen and my hair used to cling to the colour so well that it never faded, but this is not the case anymore! After a mere few weeks of having purple hair it has faded badly so I want it gone, especially as I’m going to be in Ibiza in a few weeks and don’t want to be feeling self conscious about my hair the entire time.

My hair has endured a hell of a lot of bleach over the years and now that it is is good condition and I want to grow it long again I’m very cautious of damaging it. I’ve been doing some research and read a lot of mixed reviews on hair strippers that claim to remove all traces of hair dye from your hair and will reveal your natural colour underneath – which is when I found the Colourless Hair Colour Remover.

The are four different products in the Colourless range including Max Effect, Go Blonde and Max Condition however I went for the Pre Colour formula as I don’t have much hope of actually reaching my natural hair colour and would rather preserve the condition of my hair to put another dye on top. The Pre Colour formula also has the best reviews so I thought for £10, why not!

The best way to prepare before colouring. Removes permanent and semi permanent hair colours and deep cleanses your hair in preperation for your next colour.

Product claims:

  • The best way to prepare before colouring
  • Removes permanent and semi-permanent hair colours
  • Deep cleanses your hair in preparation for your next colour
  • Pre colour works on all hair types
  • The simple way to wash away your unwanted colour and be the colour you desire
  • You can safely recolour immediately after use

Inside the box you get three bottles, an instruction leaflet and protective gloves.


  1. Pour bottle A into bottle B and shake for 1 minute to combine
  2. Saturate your clean dry hair with the entire contents, using a comb to ensure complete coverage
  3. Cover hair with cling film and leave on for 45 minutes
  4. Rinse your hair with warm water for 5 minutes to rinse out the lotion
  5. Apply half of bottle C and massage into a lather like a shampoo for 1 minute then rinse for 5 minutes
  6. Apply the remaining half of bottle C, massing into a lather for 1 minute then rinse for a further 5 minutes


The application process is super simple just like any at home box dye, mixing bottles A and B together to create the formula. Just like other reviews I’ve read on hair strippers I can confirm that this does indeed stink! It is an extremely strong scent that is a combination of chemicals and egg…so not at all pleasant. The smell does cling to your hair after washing it out but I’m sure will dissipate after you wash it with shampoo.

Washing it out was very easy and satisfying, I had assumed that washing this out was going to be a purple mess all over my bathroom but it actually dissolves the dye so that the water runs clear which is a huge benefit.

Bottle C which you use to ‘shampoo’ your hair lathers up into a thick, luxurious foam which replenishes your hair and makes it feel squeaky clean. It does say to use the entirety of bottle C however even with my thick mid-length hair I only managed to use half the bottle because it would have been too much to use it all.

I’ve been trying to cut back on conditioning my hair as I usually condition every time I wash my hair which has left it feeling flat and oily so as the instructions didn’t say to condition, I didn’t.

So…does it work?


I am extremely happy with the result and this product has successfully removed all the purple dye from my hair! My hair is naturally ginger, granted not usually as ginger as this product has made it, but I love it and am so happy I’ve found this product!

My hair feels healthy and strong after using this product which is the opposite of what I was expecting so I highly recommend it for anyone who has a stubborn colour they want to remove, temporary or permanent.

Step away from the bleach!


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