Remington Shine Therapy Straightners Review

Today’s review is something a little different; rather than testing out a makeup product, I’m actually going to be doing a review on the Remington Shine Therapy Straighteners!

My favourite hair straighteners unfortunately broke 6 months ago and ever since I have been using some old straighteners of my sisters, so I was thrilled to get some brand new ones for Christmas! My hair is very thick with stubborn waves so it takes a lot of heat to get it straight.

Here are some of the features of the Remington Shine Therapy Straighteners:

  • Advanced Ceramic coated plates infused with Moroccan Argan Oil with Vitamin E
  • Digital temperature display with 9 settings 150 – 230 degrees
  • Fast heat up in 15 seconds
  • Floating plates for even pressure on the hair
  • Intense shine and less frizz
  • Shuts off after 60 minutes


I love how sleek these straighteners are to hold as well as how extremely lightweight they are which is perfect if you have thick or long hair that takes time to straighten. As black is a common colour for hair devices, I like that these are white with green plates; it’s a unique design that makes them visually pleasing. The digital display is very clear and displays the temperature as well as if the straighteners are locked or not, a functionality I really appreciate as I like to store my hair straighteners in one of my drawers.


When I first used this product, I was amazed at how quickly they heated up – the claim that these straightners heat up in 30 seconds is definitely true! They slide over your hair beautifully and easily straighten any lengths of hair in seconds, no need to run over the same piece of hair twice. It used to take me 20 minutes to straighten my hair, now it barely takes me 5!


See below the results of using the Remington Shine Therapy Straighteners. The first image is my natural hair after being blow dried and the second image is my hair after 5 minutes of using these straighteners!

As you can see from the results, these straighteners do an amazing job at not only making my hair incredibly straight but also very shiny. I’d highly recommend these if you are looking for an alternative for GHD’s, the plates are a lot bigger and they do a much better job. You can buy them now on Amazon for £37!

Buy yours on Amazon now!


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