My Hair Makeover

With summer drawing to a close I really wanted to change my hair in time for autumn and start afresh. I’ve had my natural colour for a while and had let my hair grow to one length and pretty long with the aim to keep growing it, but with the heatwaves we’ve been having in the UK that just was no longer feasable!

Here is my hair pre-makeover:


During my teens I had my hair every colour under the sun; pink, purple, green – you name it, I did it.

During that time I was blonde for two years but as I’m naturally ginger, my complexion is far too pink toned to pull off being a total blonde bombshell so I knew I wanted to try something different.

I usually go for one block colour but since my purple hair fiasco last year which you can read here, I wanted something softer and more flattering which is why when I went to the hairdressers earlier this month I decided on balayage.

I firstly got my hair cut, which it was in desperate need off! I decided I wanted to go shorter again as I feel as I get older having long hair drowns me out.

So I got it cut:


Then the many hours of bleaching began…


The finished result:


I’m very happy with the finished result and never want to go back to long hair! 🙂


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