Bilou Cream Foam Cotton Candy Review

I love showers. I’m definitely more of a shower person than I am a bath person, although it does still make my soul sad that now we’ve moved into a house with no bath I can’t use bath bombs anymore!

In fact, some of my best ideas (and singing) have come to me in the shower.

Today’s review is going to be on the Bilou Cream Foam in the Cotton Candy scent.

I received this in my Superdrug Loves Edit package many moons ago when I bagged £40 worth of beauty products for £10 which you can read about here.

I love the idea of foam shower products; they feel a lot softer on the skin than other harsher shower gels and make the experience a lot more fun for what it is!

Let’s look at the claims of this product before I tell you guys what I think 🙂

Bilou Cotton Candy smells just like a fluffy cloud of cotton candy, sweet and caramel – absolute heaven!


Bilou gentle cream foam (foam lotion) – made with love & passion. Yummy fragrances to sweeten your day. At bilou, we ensure we use high-quality ingredients and our products are 100% vegan.

So in terms of claims for this product…there aren’t any apart from the scent which is clearly a big selling point! They have loads of other scents including coconut, donut, fizzy better and pink melon (omg) so if cotton candy isn’t your thing, you definitely have a variety of options to pick from.

The packaging itself was what excited me about this product initially. It’s very different compared to other shower products on the market and really attracts your eye, I love the colours they’ve used and the illustrations.

The nozzle of the can is very controlable so you don’t end up with foam exploding all over your shower which I’m very glad of! One small press dispenses enough product for one use so no need to go back for more and no residue is left on the can once you take the product, unlike normal shower gels that end up going all sticky and gross…not cute.

It applies to the skin like a dream and one pump really is all you need, it goes very far and feels luxurious. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and it is still going strong! My skin definitely feels more hydrated and the scent lasts once you’re out the shower so if you’re using this in the morning, you will be smelling sweet as a peach for the rest of the day 🙂

You can pick the Bilou Cream Foam up from Superdrug for £3.99 here – and I highly recommend you do if you’re looking to try something different 🙂


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