About Beauty Rant

My name is Lauren and I started Beauty Rant as a creative outlet to share and express my love of makeup, beauty and everything in between! Beauty Rant is my little corner of the Internet where I get to share my ramblings with the thriving beauty community as well as recommend a product or two.

My 9-5 is working as a digital marketing executive, but Beauty Rant is my space where I can leave the corporate world at the door and talk about what I love the most – beauty.

Why Read Beauty Rant?

  • Because, sometimes, people are damn hard to talk to and talking to yourself is the first sign of madness
  • You want honest makeup and skincare reviews from someone who is completely unqualified but is a real ass human being that knows a good product from a bad one
  • You have literally nothing better to do with your time
  • You’re my mom and are obliged to read it because I’m your child

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