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Christmas Tag

  Guess who forgot to renew her domain? Yep you guessed it, this doofus over here. So, I apologise that Beauty Rant has been down for the past few days, it is now all sorted and I have so many exciting blog posts coming up over the next month! I thought what better way to… Continue reading Christmas Tag


Life Update: A Trip To Ibiza & What The Heck Is A Chippie?

It's been a month since I last sat down and wrote a post for Beauty Rant, forgive me - it's been a month. Anyway, now that I'm back sat at my laptop ready to ramble I thought why not give you guys a life update! Way back in mid-October me and my other half decided… Continue reading Life Update: A Trip To Ibiza & What The Heck Is A Chippie?

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Watermelon Trend: Accessories, Gifts & More

With summer just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to do a post on the hottest new trend: watermelon. I have such a passion for watermelon prints; I think they are so cute and perfect for summer, what better way to feel fruity and ready for cocktails on the beach? I've searched high… Continue reading Watermelon Trend: Accessories, Gifts & More